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A big part of the power of #wycwyc is the community.  The group of like-minded goal-seekers sharing struggles and celebrating successes through social media.

Join us!


Be inspired and share your #wycwyc moments.

Like and follow our page for some daily inspiration. We post articles, tips, and lots of #wycwyc sparks to keep you motivated!


Note: Be sure to check get notification to be updated when we post!


Reach out and make new friends!

There is no special #wycwyc twitter account and this is no accident. YOU make the #wycwyc community stronger. It all starts with YOU.

How do you begin?  Use the #wycwyc hashtag to share, reach out to others who are already using it or silently follow along — although we really, really hope you join in!

To use the #wycwyc hashtag simply type #wycwyc anywhere in the body or end of your tweet. New to twitter? Here’s a great tutorial!

twitter #wycwyc

You can also search for the #wycwyc hashtag by click here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.15.58 AM

Note: Follow us (@RoniNoone and @Carla_Birnberg as we share and RT (retweet) lots of fun news form the the #wycwyc community!


Visually express yourself and get motivated!

Instagram is similar to twitter but uses photos as its main point of communication. It also doesn’t have the short 140 character limit. Like twitter, #wycwyc has no main Instagram account. Here, too, it’s the community members who drive the content maintain the momentum.

If you are new to Instagram click here to download the app. Even though you can see images on your computer it is primarily a phone app. Search the #wycwyc hashtag on instagram to see what our community members are up to.



Pin and built a board of motivation!

Like twitter and Instagram, Pinterest understands tags so you can search for #wycwyc to see what community members are posting. You can also visit our #wycwyc board by clicking here or make your own by pinning #wycwyc tips and tricks that inspire you!

#wycwyc pinterest


#wycwyc and microblog away!

Tumblr is a great social network to express yourself or follow along while others share their #wycwyc moments. It too understands hashtags so simply search for #wycwyc or follow our tumblr account as we reblog posts from the community!

#wycwyc tumblr

Still have a social media question and just not sure how to participate? Reach out to us on any of these social networks or shoot us a message here. We’re glad to help!

5 thoughts on “Join the Movement

  1. This is a bit more complicated when you’ve opted out of 95% of social media due to the constant negative vibes. Wondering if I could jump back in and just share the good with all the other #wycwycers.

  2. Just got the book and opened it today- had a cocktail at dinner which led me to finish my husband’s carrot cake- then ate a handful of CANDY! and followed that with 2 (2!) squares of 80% dark chocolate to end the cravings… *sigh
    Need a new mindset ASAP!

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