030: Healthy Habits and Podcast Patrons — We’re Back Baby!

We’re back!

Our hiatus is over!  Join us as we share the excitement of what’s happening in our lives, reveal our newest favorite healthy habit creating app and invite you to become a what you can when you can patron– click here to learn more!

See how Roni uses the Loop Habit Tracker — the app we mention in the podcast — by clicking here  or download the app on Google Play and try it for yourself!

Interested in seeing all the silliness behind the scenes? Click here to see us on YouTube and get a private peek into all the pre-recording discussions.

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Thanks for listening.

One thought on “030: Healthy Habits and Podcast Patrons — We’re Back Baby!

  1. SOOOOO SOOOOOO very glad your back!! I’ve missed you and this podcast. I at one point. Okay 2 or 3 went on a lion hunt thinking my podcast app was missing something trying to find you!!!!

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