033: Celebrate New Year’s in October and Stop Trying to Skip the Struggle!

Brace your collective selves, we’ve got news.

According to the New York Times, today is the day — well, last Saturday was but we’ll get to that — you’ve officially achieved your lowest bodyweight and it’s only uphill from here through the holiday season.

Join us in episode 33 as we debate whether or not we believe this statement to be true (is today really our official low?! should we be doing something to celebrate?) and, if it is, would setting resolutions in October not January be the solution?

We also, in our own inimitable circuitous way, debate our similarities and differences when it comes to confronting/pushing through struggles.

Stop Trying to Skip the Trouble

Through the course of our discussion we (overshare and) come to some surprising realizations about why we, as humans, instinctively resist when situations get tough.

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