036: Marriage Musings, Holiday Eating Strategies and The Podcast that Almost Wasn’t

Greetings from the other side of Halloween 2016!

In this week’s podcast we debate the merits of post trick or treat candy sorting and chat about moderation (or lack thereof) in Halloween night candy consumption.

In a more serious vein, we share experiences we’ve each had recently which have reminded us of the importance of small shifts to trigger tremendous growth.

Even when something is seemingly small (guess which one of us changed CrossFit gyms) it can spark positive growth all over again.

We HAD wrapped the episode by sharing with you some secrets for successful weight loss but, thanks to a glitch in recording, we will need to save said secret until next week!

Instead we gift you some Roni-created strategies to help us get ready now so we can cruise calmly through the impending eating season.

What 90s hip-hop song do we both love yet neither knew the other adored?
What’s the key to a happy marriage according to Roni and Carla?

Tune in to find out!

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