037: Reducing Stress in a Post Election World and The Perfect Diet!

Welcome to #wycwyc podcast episode number 37!

In this week’s podcast we learn of a  what you can when you can moment which inspired one of us to jettison the car and bike to her doctors appointment…for fasting blood work!

A powerful reminder of how sharing our successes ripples outward and inspires others.

Next we share six nontraditional stress reducing tips which work during this post election season and beyond.

Nail polish dots to balloons.

Canine as little spoon to tree-bark.

We’ve got suggestions for lessening anxiety and plummeting those cortisol levels.

Finally, we wrap-up this week’s episode by sharing with you the most effective diet for weight loss

(Spoiler alert: You kinda already know it).

We share our experiences with this diet and offer up tips to help you helping you create your own path there.

Which one of us could easily consume a vat of oatmeal?

Is it Carla or Roni who finds sucking on a Jolly Rancher to be the sweet sweet way to stress relief?

Tune in to find out!

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