034: Bite Counting and Bantering

Do you remember precisely how many bites you took during your last meal?
How about over the course of all your meals & snacks yesterday?
More importantly, do you care??

In Episode 34 we debate the merits (or lack thereof) of fitness wearables which would track bites per meal rather than steps per day.

We also congratulate ourselves on fitting in fitness (aka squeezing in those morning runs), question whether one could be too zen for yoga, chat about the importance of allowing ourselves to be beginners and grow a bit baffled about the fact now never happens.

Curious which one of us made her cat neurotic?
Wondering which of us longs for an old-school indiglo timex?
Hey! We even discuss candy corn. Yes, candy corn…


The answer to all your questions and a hat tip to one of our favorite diet books is contained in this week’s episode.

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