Healthy Perfectionism, Activation Energy and the Worst “F” Word of Them All

In this week’s episode we chat about an article which may change your perspective on the evil P-word:


Is it possible to be a healthy perfectionist?
Can there exist different levels and varieties of this tendency?
We thought no. We may have had our minds changed.

We also spend time talking about not screwing yourself over,

pronounce our love for the idea of activation energy, debate whether “fine” means status quo in a negative way, and go back-and-forth between autopilot and yanking our personal emergency brakes.

Thoroughly confused? You’ll just have to listen and see what we mean.

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9 thoughts on “Healthy Perfectionism, Activation Energy and the Worst “F” Word of Them All

  1. You have my attention! Plus, I love all the podcasts for my extra long marathon training runs. Having your voice in my ears propels my legs forward :-)

  2. When someone asks me how I am, I usually come back with “do you really want to know, because it might take some time to tell you”-
    So glad that I am not a part of the 100 million who are not happy with their lives. How sad. I’ve gone after what I want and what makes me happy since I was 15.
    This woman plays with her hair way too much and that so many people come to see her talk about something so simple is doubly sad.

  3. I used to be an EXTREME health perfectionist, but as I have gotten older, I have loosened the strings as much as I can… Although I cannot too much because I have a lot of health complications, but I am still a lot less stringent, probably because I just know what works for me at this point. I didn’t initially, so I had to be super “perfectionist” about it.

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